Refurbishing a Norwalk Juicer
at Whole Health Foundation
Contact us for reasonable rates to refurbish any model Norwalk juicer.

The following photos show most of the typical steps when refurbishing a Norwalk juicer. 
All juicers receive a new front motor shaft seal and when needed "Highest quality" motor bearings.
A thorough cleaning and sanitizing is performed before reassembly.

So you think your juicer is in good condition and your motor sounds good.
Many people with used Norwalk juicers have never heard a motor with good bearings.
The photos above show bearings rusted and seized up from an old 235 model that the owner said was in good condition 
New sealed bearings on the right are Quality Bearings that we use -- five times the cost of bearings made in China

Opening the top of the hydraulic reservoir to remove and clean all parts, replace O rings and when needed install a new return spring
Final step-- add new hydraulic fluid, re-assemble and test (note red transmision fluid used in 270 and later models.) 




Also included in refurbishing
A thourough cleaning under the sheet metal, reassembly and caulking all hydraulic posts where juice can leak down.
When needed replace all motor bearings with highest quality NSK bearings.
(We do not use low cost Chinese bearings for our motor refurbishing)

Most juicers we see are never cleaned and are poorly cared for and can be breeding places for germs and mold

Many juicers are badly cared for BUT if one is juicing often with a bad front motor shaft seal the above photos show what can happen.
Replacing a motor shaft seal is easy to do. Anyone can learn how to do it. If you juice often check this seal every 6 months.
The more often you clean and replace your motor shaft seal the longer your juicer will last and the stronger the motor will be.

        A NEW motor shaft seal can help keep your motor clean 
Tapping out bolt hole corrosion makes future maintenance easy

New motor bearings when needed can make your juicer run quietly again, increase Horse Power and put less strain on the motor

If in good condition the wooden pusher is first cleaned and scrubbed with soap and water, 
then scrubbed wtih a half lemon (a natural bleach) and then scrubbed again with apple cider vinegar
When dry the wood is sealed wtih mineral oil. Never use vegetable oil that can go rancid.
Some may choose a new UHMW polyethylene pusher or new wooden pusher available at Norwalk Sales ($16 + Shipping)

The final touch -- seal all hydraulic posts and hydraulic cover 
wtih clear silicone caulk to prevent any juice from leaking below the metal

All juicers refurbished by Whole Health Foundation receive a FREE digital thermometer
A digital thermometer and adding "distilled water" ice cubes keeps juice pulp temperature below 75° for best nutrient retention.

The finished product-- A completely refurbished juicer-- Better than new

All Norwalk Juicers sold by Whole Health Foundation receive highest quality care.
Refurbishing this well built juicing machine includes important improvements and the highest quality parts available.
Truly the best juicer in the world-- All American made
Local demonstrations available in Cardiff-by-the-Sea
After payment for your first refurbishing-- education is FREE for those who help 
and who want to learn how to do their own maintenance

By helping to refurbish your own juicer you can learn how to keep it running for a lifetime.
Those who can afford to do it can sell their refurbished juicer and upgrade to a new model.
Notice on the new 275 model the rounded corners on the top plate, feed tube mounting plate and press cover.