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Tuition/Rental Understanding 
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Our holistic community home is a vegetarian non­smoker, rare­ alcohol using home.  This is a residential holistic home and we provide living space only. We do not provide personal care, or transportation. You are required to keep all your agreements and pay your own way cheerfully and responsibly. We are flexible about rare seafood or poultry preparation, BUT, No red meats, poultry or seafood are to be stored in the refrigerator. Immaculate cleanliness expected every day. Do your own dishes immediately please, plus a tiny bit extra. Immaculate cleanliness­ every day­ plus garden weeding and reasonable work in the garden and house are required.  No pesticide use anywhere. Noise curfew before 9 A.M. and after 10 P.M. . Please do not park in front of our neighbor's homes. Across street is OK. Do not leave unattended burning candles in your room please. Also do not fall asleep with candles burning. Turn off electric heaters when you leave please. 

We are a nonsmoking household and this is important to all residents. You must be a nonsmoker to live here. No tobacco of any kind to be held or used on the property, or within visual sight of the property. Ask friends who smoke to take a walk so that second hand smoke does not drift into our windows. Also, please do not burn incense in the common areas or wear heavy perfume. Some people are allergic to it.  The house manager must always have an emergency key to all rooms and you agree never to change room locks without the written consent of the manager. Civilized courtesy is always required. You must be completely responsible and considerate at all times. No drum playing or loud music after dark, for example. Label your things with your name and date stored. House expenses must be paid with your next month's rent every month, please. 

Protect and insure your own valuable belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. No indoor pets permitted at any time. Guests  must keep their pets at home or in their cars if they visit with their pets - especially dogs. No exceptions. For safety reasons, no unsupervised children as guests. You must arrange your own child care for your child visitors. No dumping child care on others. We have agreed, and ask you to also, not to play radios or loud electronic music, TV or other noise in the common areas to preserve and maintain a peaceful environment. Play these in your private room. Overnight guests, in your own room, are OK for a night or two, but please inform all of your housemates who they are an how long they will be here. Longer stays require additional contributions for utilities. Long stays for guests will require $10 to $20 or more per day for rent and utilities and must be approved in advance, in writing. Guests are expected to clean up after themselves and offer chores or garden weeding to help the household. Anything reasonable will do. Whatever you or your guests break, you replace or pay for. No house pots, pans, tools or library books to leave the property at any time. Don't ask. Everything is needed here full time. Tuition / rent to be paid on the first of the month or sooner. Thirty days notice is required when moving measured from the first of the following month. No mid month notice please. Reasonable care of house and yard is a must, plus one thing you decide you want to do for the house as a gift chore to help maintain an excellent quality of cleanliness and adult tidiness. Guests help too­- no freeloading. Trash cans are put out to the street curb Tuesday night. If not done, please do it. It is understood that the fist 60 days will be a trial period to be sure things work out  -- 12 month minimum stay or half your deposit for management costs to rent your room is required ($200 deducted from deposit if less than 6 months). No dogs permitted on the premises. You must take your cats or other pets with you when you move. Do not leave pets behind for other housemates to care for. A small private refrigerator in your room will increase rent $10/ month more for extra electricity. Guns are not allowed on the property. If you own guns store them elsewhere.

Agreed rent / tuition is $__________ per month. Rent includes $75 toward utilities, except for the sauna.  There will be an additional utilities charge per month applied to house expenses whenever utilities amount to more than $75 per person per month. Late rent fee is 15% per month. Two people living in the same room requires approval in writing and 50% more in rent. Guests can contribute garden weeding. Each sauna is $5 each for residents and guests. To move in, first month's rent, last month's rent and a $__________ security deposit is required, and is refundable if keys are returned, the room walls and windows are washed, by you, carpets cleaned and safeguard coated, by you or a $35 cleaning service, and the room returned in the condition it was received, or better. If all deposits are not paid in full When moving in, rent will be $50 more per month until all deposits are paid up. Your security deposit is not to be used toward rent. Any costs like repainting walls when badly stained or other damages will be deducted, if any. Cable TV is $10 extra per month. Broadband fast cable Internet access connected to your room or using our community computer is $25 extra per month. There must be no porno surfing on the house computer. Sign up and perform weekly house chores or $10 extra per week. Do not lose your keys. Re-keying will cost you $95. This agreement acknowledges that the room & carpet are cleaned. Anything less than an excellent room should be listed below before signing. Please keep a copy of all receipts for your records.  Extra storage for large amounts requires $1 per day extra.

No business is to be operated out of the house or room unless special arrangements are made in advance and in writing. No one, or their guests, are to live out of campers on the street­ Except for guests, no freeloaders and no free showers.  In rare circumstances, special arrangements for short periods only must be approved in advance and in writing. All guests must be informed, by you, of our household agreements. In an unsatisfactory situation, if occupancy is held over a 30 day period, rent will be triple if rent due is not paid on time. If control must be taken for the benefit of yourself, a roommate, or the safety of this household, you hereby will cooperate in a timely manner. Remaining longer than 30 days will be allowed but only with written permission. Any portion of rent will be refunded if the room is rented to an acceptable prospect, if found sooner than the expiration of a 30 day notice date, and if everyone is able to cooperate to allow an earlier rental. Usually a full 30 days is needed. Moving to a different room also requires 30 days notice to allow time to find a new housemate.   If you create problems like alcohol or drug abuse and serious behavioral disturbance of the household causing eviction or notice to move you agree to forfeit all your deposits to cover the cost and attention to rectify these problems.

Most serious vegetarians can save $50 to $100 or more monthly by using the organic garden. Please cultivate the habit of working in the garden every day and using the garden produce every day. Prepare soil and plant seeds to keep the produce abundantly available. Every weed pulled helps. Other food is prepared and stored separately, unless you decide to pot luck with others. Food left on the dining room table is up for grabs. Put items you want to share there. No dumpster diving for discarded food at markets is permitted on the property for sanitary reasons. Do not store food that has been thrown away in supermarket dumpsters in our refrigerators or cupboards. 

If you live in our holistic community home for 12 months or longer you are requested and reminded now, to volunteer a rent increase every 12 months to adjust for cost of living increases.  If you do not volunteer a reasonable rent increase someone will discuss it with you once every year. Bounced checks require a $20 fee for each bounce. Above all communicate. Speak up in a kind and civilized way so we can all be a part of each other's support group. When you can donate things to the household to help create a better environment, please discuss it with others and be as generous as you are able to be, freely. But, DO NOT leave your junk behind when you move for others to deal with. Leaving clutter is not a donation or benefit. Be aware and considerate. 

Everyone must shower before using the Jacuzzi or sauna and clean the bathrooms and kitchen every time they are used. NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not leave your food prep mess for others to clean. Please clean your pots & pans immediately  (no forgotten soaking, PLEASE?)  You must explain the Jacuzzi and sauna cleanliness policy to your guests ­ everyone showers first ­ no exceptions! For our own protection it is understood that only friends and guests who you know have immaculate cleanliness habits are permitted to use the Jacuzzi or sauna. Only nonsmokers are allowed to use of our bathing facilities (nicotine free water.) Please do not sit on the Jacuzzi cover. It will break. We use food grade hydrogen peroxide in the Jacuzzi, but add chlorine once a month to control algae.

Save receipts when you buy dish soap, bathroom items, garden seeds, etc. and put your name on the receipt with the items purchased. Put the receipts in the house expenses jar in the kitchen. Money spent is totaled and refunded or collected at the end of every month.  Your share of these costs is due at the end of every month. The monthly costs vary from $12 to $20 per person depending on expenditures. House expenses include light bulbs, laundry and dish soap, and other kitchen supplies, bathroom tissue and cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, and common area carpet cleaning every 3 or 4 months, replacement of the water filter every 3 months and water distiller supplies, and occasional (and rare) costs of household help (house cleaning services or gardener when neglect begins to show.)  All other agreements are considered obvious like civilized and considerate behavior and a willingness to communicate if there is a need to give or receive attention. Refusal to communicate does not lead to harmony. Please be kind and considerate at all times. Gentleness & tenderness can move mountains.  Negative gossip reaches everyone. Make a serious effort to be loyal and honest with housemates.  NO homeless people as guests (Respect our privacy.) 

Your invited friends and guests are always welcome whenever you are here to greet them. To preserve the atmosphere of peace and quiet please join us in actively discouraging friends to just drop by. No, please. We are often asked if people can just drop by to see our beautiful home and garden. People often hear very positive things about our special environment, BUT, we have decided to preserve our special environment of peace, quiet and nourishing, spiritual peacefulness. Ask friends to come to visit only when they call you first.  We do not do sight seeing tours for the curious.  Although we will always be helpful and courteous to visitors, usually you or others may have other plans or just want to be alone or read a book. It takes time to be a polite host and to entertain drop in people if they are allowed to interrupt the household privacy.  I ask all callers if they are expected. (I tell them that they should call first to be sure you will be here.) I do not allow anyone into the house if they are not expected, but I do take a written message if they want to leave a written note.  I do not take messages that I have to memorize or remember. Please do likewise. In the worst case you would not want a roommate to let a bill collector in to hassle you, or you might just want privacy. Please give others that privilege too. Quite frankly, with time, welcome guests are always fun to get to know. You will have a wonderful experience living here if you preserve the special-ness of our home. Your welcome guests will enjoy it too. Take pride in personal appearance- no underwear in common areas please. Jacuzzi/sunbathing swimsuit optional.
To live in our holistic, community home, cleanliness is an absolute must! In addition, working in the garden every week is a must for you and your overnight guests. Everyone must contribute, even if only for a few minutes. Pull a few weeds on the way to the shower or on the way to or from your car.  Just one hand full of weeds pulled every day helps enormously. All garden produce is free to house residents. Pick just what you need, and not more, every day if you can. Ask others how to harvest. plant, and weed. Accessory structures in the garden area are not for human habitation. You may use these structures for the purposes designated but you must not sleep in them.

Welcome aboard. 
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