Testimonials from USA and International buyers of
the Whole Health Foundation premium juicer

and owners of a WHF improved Norwalk juicer

All the people below have given their permission for you to contact them for a reference about my work.


We purchased a Premium WHF bottom base plate to improve our Norwalk juicer.  To my surprise it looks better than what anyone can see in a video. The plate is build to perfection, it is very simple to install and does help the juicer to run smoother and so far the yield increases by 1/2 fl oz per pound, now I have a WHF model on steroids! The shipping was extremely fast and William’s support and customer service is better than the Ritz Carlton!! Day and Ilan illansy@gmail.com 

It is with great pride that I write this testimonial about not only the product, but as to you as a human being. The knowledge that you put forth for everyone to see, is invaluable. It allowed me to hit the ground running and not make the mistakes of the usual novice. The customer service has been incredible. I took your advice and purchased the upgraded top and bottom solid steel plates. I press my juices for minutes at a time without concern for breaking the upgraded plates, and in doing so, am able to eek out that extra last bit of nutritious juice that I would not have been able to otherwise.

The 6 folding cloth technique with bamboo liners is also an invaluable technique that saves me hours a week in my juicing. I am looking forward to the modified tube feed and the teeth on the blade and when my schedule slows down, would gladly help with feedback on your continuous upgrades. It is always a pleasure to run ideas by you for certain recipes that may have some extra medicinal benefit and always great to learn from your trials so I don't have an explosion in the kitchen and upset my wife.

I could not have made it through working over 100 hour weeks after chemotherapy which forced me to switch to a 100% cold pressed juice diet for 3 months, without the upgraded WHF juicer, your videos, and your availability to me as I earned my cold pressed juice badge. Your friendship, ingenuity, and selflessness have been some of the reasons I am able to continue working my busy schedule. I am eagerly looking forward to receiving the new modifications. Just I'm time for my second round of chemotherapy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to you and your wife. You have allowed me to continue to share my gift with others. Anthony Oliva, M.D. toliva@me.com 

We have two raw juice bars, as well as a juice truck in Albuquerque, NM and have purchased several WHF improved juicers from William at Whole Health Foundation. William is a great source for not only juicers and parts for them but also for his vast knowledge of juicing and processes to make our operation more efficient. He is always very responsive when we need help with a part or another juicer and consistently ships items out to us promptly. We value our business relationship with Whole Health Foundation. Ryan Fellows ryan@ryanfellows.us

We are in Japan and have the new Whole Health Foundation premium juicer we ordered (plus free bonus items!). We tried the new WHF juicer this morning and found it fascinating. Everything works perfectly and far better than our existing Norwalk 280. We are glad that we called you. Again, THANKS for the great juicer. Fumiyo & Takashi, Okinawa, Japan . info@onoffyesno.jp

I have bought 6 premium WHF cold press juicers from William for my 6 restaurants in Mexico City, Mexico.
I use them for commercial purposes. I am a really satisfied customer and William has been great through out the whole process. I hugely recommend his juicers and best of all his service and support. Thank you William for developing trust!  Alan Cohen Mexico City, Mexico. alan@peponne.com.mx

Your service has been excellent. I could not have wished for more. The transaction was very quick and straightforward. The courier you chose for posting the Norwalk juicer to the UK was an excellent choice, and it arrived in just a few days, unlike the weeks I usually have to wait when importing from the US. The advice you gave on Norwalk model selection was extremely useful. Thank you for sharing your 40 years of experience. It made the purchasing decision so much simpler and efficient for me. There are a bewildering number of juicers and models and information out there and as a newcomer with no experience it is very time-consuming and ineffective to try to select the optimal juicing set-up, but with your help the decision making process was extremely quick and pleasant.

You are doing a really good job at instructing people how to service and maintain their juicers
and how to improve their health by making delicious and nutritious juices.   I and many others appreciate your intent and your integrity.  Keep up the good work friend, Clinton

Having had my Improved Norwalk 280 for over a month now, I can say without doubt that I could not be happier with it. Your improved 280 model is even better than I expected it would be.
The speed, ease of clean-up and quality of juice is, in my opinion, far superior to what I was able to achieve with twin-gear juice such as the Green Star and the manual Welles' Press. The range of videos you provided is surely unique and the best and easiest possible way for a newcomer to learn all the basics about juicing. I feel I have even learned some things from your videos which it might have taken me 10 or 20 years of experience to learn for myself. The modifications you made to my Norwalk are also outstanding and represent excellent value for money. From everything I've experienced in dealing with you so far you have won my complete trust. I don't expect anything to go wrong with the juicer for many years, but I know that if it does you will be there to provide your expertise to resolve any issues. Your continued after-sale support has been excellent so far in terms of answering my questions. You have always responded to my emails quickly and with the most helpful, informative responses. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Overall, I'm delighted to have found your site. Best wishes for continued success and great health! Mark (London, UK). markcostine@gmail.com

I have the Model 275 which I purchased several years ago now!
I try to use it daily. No problems with it at all, and William has been brilliant with support! I mean absolutely Aces! I've recommended him time and time again. I really believe in him, his juicing skill, his mastery of the Norwalk as a machine, and his honest buisnessmanship as well!

 I think the Norwalk is simply the best. I was VERY worried when I bought mine, as I didn't know William. I saw a private video he had posted on YT via eBay. I'm the person who coaxed him into publishing his vids and adding more to YT. I think it was a great move, as it's helped so many people. So, I took the plunge. I thought, "WHY would anyone want to do bad business using a juicer of all things, as a ploy???" that's all I thought and I bought it! I'd met people like William before, at juice bars, so I felt too, that I already had a good feel for the kind of bloke that he is. Needless to say, I made the right decision. Padraig. kpadraigo@gmail.com 


My experience with William has been a good one.  I've had mine some 3 years, & am very happy with it.  Mine is an older 250, and still holds its own.  His improvements are a plus, & I often wonder why Norwalk doesn't do them.  I think if you cry a little bit, he will lower the price. He is an honorable guy to deal with.  There's not a lot of difference between the older & newer ones, so don’t be afraid to get an older one. Mike. frizbeau@netcarrier.com

I have had no issues at all with my Norwalk 275, upgraded by William. It absolutely lives up to all expectations, and the same is true for everyone in my family of four Norwalk owners. I use the Norwalk at least 30 hours a week, as I am now juicing for other people as well. I help people with juice fasts and therefore my juicer is working more in a commercial manner than a domestic one. I don't exactly remember when I bought it, but I think maybe February of this 2012.  I'm not sure, but at some point I will need to sharpen the cutter, but it's still going fine for now. Good luck. Feel free to call or write with anything else.  Netta Cohen Raleigh, NC. Forget BAGS, go with cloths. The only thing I like bags for is Pineapple, but other than that I wouldn't bother having them. Do keep your greens at a body temp or below, so enzymes are not lost. I freeze my juice and recent research suggest enzyme levels are excellent through the thaw cycle. I juice for other people 3-4 days a week and I do all our family's juicing 1x per wk. We are a family of four.  I use 16oz jelly quilted jars for freezing juice. They are more comfortable than the wide mouth jars for drinking from on the run. We travel with 5 days of frozen juice in cardboard boxes taped up until we arrive at our destination. They do not thaw on the trip. Stay in touch and good luck with everything. I am on Facebook  Netta Cohen raleigh, NC. netta.cohen@yahoo.com


We are the first cold pressed juice company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The name of our company is GreenPeople. We started our juice business only using 3 Norwalk juicers bought from William from Whole Health Foundation developtrust@cox.net. The machines from William are great and even better than a brand new Norwalk juicer. William helps us a lot when we face any problems with the machines or we need spare parts. He helps us by phone or Skype and sends us whatever we need directly to Brazil. William has been a great help and a "consultant" to us! Please send me an email directly if you need additional info. Our business is growing really fast and William is always there for us! My email is bianca@greenpeople.com.br Best regards, Bianca


William offers a good service. He always answers fast and willing to help you out if any problem happens to the Norwalk. Efficient, clear and friendly. Luis, Mexico Lotofsoul@gmail.com


"I, Marcus Moe, co-founder of www.freundsaft.com bought two Norwalk 280s with a couple of added features, some extra cloths, brushes, etc. from William Polowniak. He was super responsive, well informed and the second Norwalk I ordered arrived in Freiburg, Germany about 72 hours after I ordered it from him (very fast). William is a juice enthusiast, a Norwalk enthusiast and an all around great guy to do business with. Glad to hear you are considering a Norwalk for your business, they are not fast machines, but the quality of juice is amazing."


I am Christian from CGN, Germany. Finally I agreed with an improved Norwalk 275 instead of a new one. Oh yeah, and this was the best thing in juicer business and in my opinion. The first time I read about Norwalk juicers was there efficiency in the Gerson therapy. After the decision to change nutrition I tried to find a comparable well juicer from Europe. Quickly I noticed this would be an impossible challenge... so I was clicking and surfing around the web and stopped with pleasure watching the great know How vids of william wholehealthfoundation-videos.

Sure it is a high purchase price for Private, but William and Norwalk is total right in efficiency. All improvements by WHF are well done and really useful. The earlier improved model 275 is like owning a nice classic car, better mechanically and for health a real pleasure. Shipping to Europe is a petty costly but infatuation in Norwalk juicers and the friendly support and cooperativeness of William is gorgeous and priceless. Packaging by William and speed in shipping with UPS was a humdinger.

To help a new friend and his business, I have written this recommendation. My girlfriend and me love our Norwalk juicer and our favorite juice for the moment is pomegranate with beetroot, delicious :-) Christian from CGN, Germany christiankitscha@me.com

I'm happy to say business in going very well to date. We have been extremely busy since opening our juice business and  I would be happy to recommend William and Whole Health Foundation in any way I can as to date your service has been excellent and I'm delighted with the machines.
Raymond in Ireland raymondoharaj@gmail.com

I just wanted to drop you a note that I am loving the Norwalk juicer you sent and use it regularly, thank you. Thank you also, for
including so many helpful items with it and the amazingly helpfulvideos. I hear your voice in my head when I am folding up a filled packet of pulp into a nice tight little packet. Simona

I just have to let you know, I am super grateful for our transaction.  The main reason it took so Long to send was because I was very reluctant to ship because I have been lied to and scammed from craigslist before.  I had intended to meet and sell face to face here in the bend area.  To be honest I had a bunch of better offers financially.  I decided to sell to you though because I truly believe you have a good heart and that is where the juicer needed to go.  I didn't realize at first that you are a true juicing hero in this world with all your free videos!  Thank you so much for your patience and if I ever encounter another Norwalk juicer I will call you straight off the bat.  Thank you for everything. Adam talladam@msn.com

I discovered William and his services from watching his helpful YouTube videos online for years. After starting a company using the cold pressed method I naturally use many Norwalk juicers and have had to put a lot of stress on them. In the last 8 months I've had over 8 press plates break. I finally bought two of Williams custom plates and haven't had any issues in the last many months- PLUS his press plate has a lifetime warranty. I'm very thankful that I don't have to go through the processes of buying new ones that will inevitably break. I've also used William's other repair and sales services and he has saved me lots of money not having to deal with poor customer service of the Norwalk company. Hanna, Oh Juice, San Diego, CA

I don’t know how you hold it together – so many people – questions – replies – videos to make – shipping out – juicing – gardening – etc. Hang in there friend. You’re the best out there– giving your time to help people out ! Gary, Dahlonega  GA

William at Whole Health Foundation sold me a Norwalk 270 juicer three year ago in 2011 and we have enjoyed it immensely.. Our circumstances changed and we decided to scale down to a smaller juicer.  William provided me a fair trade in price as he said he would when I bought it originally.  He also gave me advice on juicers that was honest and forthright that made me appreciate that he was out to educate  and look out for my best interest even if it did not result in an immediate sale to him. Integrity is sometimes a lost quality on the internet and I certainly appreciated his.  Mike L

Thank-you so much for the YouTube videos you put out. Your 6-Cloth method and other tips have made me WAY more comfortable and efficient with my Norwalk. Once I save up some more ill be purchasing the improved base-plate for longer press durations at full pressure, but seriously, Thanks a million!!!!  Jeff  nofx4life@hotmail.com